CODE BLUE CTF 2020 has officially been canceled.

Updates (2022/11/02)

First, we really apologize for this situation. CODE BLUE CTF 2020 hasn't been held yet due to several unexpected reasons including COVID-19 stuff.

Though 2 years have passed, COVID things are slightly calmed down that some overseas trips are allowed.
Situations about CODE BLUE CTF organizers have been changed as well, they cannot hold CODE BLUE CTF still.
Then we decided to invite top team to the CODE BLUE conference 2022 through discussions with CODE BLUE admins, as the winning prize.

We invited some players of team D0G$ to CODE BLUE 2022 last month, as a winner of TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 2020.

Apologies again for teams looking forward to play CODE BLUE CTF.
Stay tuned for the future of Bull's Eye. See you someday.


Date: Canceled

CODE BLUE is an international security conference held in Tokyo.

In 2017, CODE BLUE started to organize its own CTF.
binja and TokyoWesterns take on the role of problem setting again this year.
They are going to hold the Final Round with neither Jeopardy nor Attack & Defence,
but the original rule called Bull's Eye.
Don't miss it! Bull's Eye

Twitter: @codeblue_ctf


*We will invite the following teams to CODE BLUE CTF 2020 Finals

  1. Top 10 teams in TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 2020